What’s up with DIYBio-Boston?!

So I (Norfeldt) are in Boston (USA) for the next couple of months to do my master thesis. This is the city that to my knowledge gave birth to the expression DIYBio (the concept itself, I believe, has been existing long before this city was build – but that’s not the topic for this post) and a podcast about hackerspaces and DIYBio.org was the first time that I heard about this culture. This led me to find other people interested in DIYBio and we ended up founding BiologiGaragen.

The postcast also led me to know about SystemBiology which is why I’m here doing my thesis. But it didn’t take me long to find a DIYBio group here and I thought it might be interesting to make some “guest” posts about what’s up with DIYBio-Boston.

The group is small like in Denmark with 3-4 active members and is located in a hacker space called Sprout. They have claimed their little space as a lab and are just trying to collect as much equipment as possible. Unfortunately they are about to lose their equipped mobile lab which Mac Cowell (one founder of DIYBio.org) will take with him to his new home (can’t remember the city he is moving to). We wish him the best of luck spreading the joy of DIYBio there. So DIYBio-Boston is in many ways very similar to BiologiGaragen 🙂

I showed up a Sunday to help out with their bottling of some IPA Beer they made themselves from a beer kit. It was a very fun way of spending an afternoon and discussing cool future projects. I’ll leave you some pictures from the day and keep you posted on what’s happening in the space.






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