Tasty evening in the lab

sooo tasty.. hmmm (^_^)/*

Today was a busy but nice day in the lab.  Last week we set up 9 mini kombucha batches so we can share them out. At the Smag Verden festival, we had a lot of interest in people getting Kombucha SCOBYs, so we made some to share.  we put up two styles, one with green tea and one with black tea.  This week we got to taste them, and they turned out quite well.  The mothers are growing and will be ready to find new homes next week!

We also opened the Sauerkraut batches which we made at the Smag Verden in the vacuum sealer.  one tasted well fermented, with the fennel adding a nice note.  The other one was a bit salty, and needed more time to ferment, so we sealed it back in a bag for another week or two.  Lots of people took their sauerkraut bags home with them from the festival, and we would be very interested to see and hear how they turned out.  You can see ours above.  send us photo’s and descriptions of how the ferment went and how it tasted, or put them in the comments section below.  Don’t forget, you can save the juice from your bags to inoculate your next batch of sauerkraut that you make at home.  We are looking forward to hearing how folks’ ferments turned out.

we also got a chance to assemble our Mudwatt, which we have been hanging onto for the last few weeks.  lets see if it blinks by next week!

We are also working on finalizing the schedule for our fall and winter Group Experiment Nights (collaborative but directed workshops).  These will be nights where we invite people to come to work on a specific project together, and where we try and invite interesting people to come hang out in the lab.  Check back here in a few days for more information on the themes and dates.

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