Spring Group Experiment Nights Schedule Announced


We are proud to announce our spring schedule of Group Experiment Nights (GENs). There are four opportunities that will allow you to come in and get your hands-on DIY science fix.

GEN4:  Thursday March 6 and 9, Master the Miso Mystery

GEN5:  Thursday March 20, Oyster Mushrooms and the City Part 1

GEN6: Thursday March 27, Microbial Masterworks

GEN7:  Thursday April 10, Liquid Nitrogen Play

GEN8: Thursday May 15, Herbal medicine – Home Preparations & Analytical Chemistry

For detailed descriptions of the events, check the GEN page.

As usual, you can sign up on our  Titan Pad signup sheet.  Just add your name to the list below each GEN (if there’s space), and you are good to go.

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