Smag Verden – Taste your microbes

This past weekend, folks from biologigaragen participated in the Smag Verden event hosted at Prags Boulevard in Copenhagen.  We were there to introduce people to a few fermented foods, and to talk about putting fermented foods and backteria in our diet.  We gave out samples of two fermented drinks, Kombucha and Kefir, and two versions of our in house ‘Krautchi’ (something between sauerkraut and kimchi, though not spicy enough according to a Korean woman who tried it).  So folks could get some hands on experience in DIY fermentation, we set up a make your own sauerkraut table where people could start their own fermentations to take home with them.  People had very positive responses to the cultures that we presented, and were interested to learn more about fermenting foods.   In all, we gave out many hundreds of samples, and around 75 people brought home their own kraut to ferment.  Thanks to Prags boulevard 43 for inviting us to the event, and organizing some of the more interesting activities at the festival.

as we were packing up from the festival, we were extremely lucky to be visited by Sandor Katz, the author of our favorite DIY fermentation books “Wild Fermentation”, and the newer “the Art of Fermentation”.  He was in town for the Mad conference, as well as some workshops over the weekend.  We talked shop over a couple of beers and good vegan food, and gained a lot of good ideas and inspiration.  hopefully the worlds of DIY biology and home fermentation folks can cross pollinate each other in the future.

This week in the lab, we will be working on cleaning up from the workshop weekend, and preparing lots of small cultures of our kombucha and kefir mothers for Kulturkollektionen.  many people at Smag Verden expressed interest in getting a kombucha or water kefir mother,   but we need to grow them up before they are robust enough to distribute freely.  we will let people know when there are cultures to share.  If folks come to the lab this thursday (around 19), bring extra half liter or liter glass jars (with lids) so we can make a lot of little fermentation vessels.

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