Biologigaragen @ Re-new digital art festival

Join our workshop and try to isolate antibiotic producing microorganisms, sign up here: Limited spaces:
One of the days next week, 28. Okt-1. Nov. 10-12 .

Throughout the world practices aimed at open and collaborative life science and biotinkering are on the rise. While open and collaborative documentation systems exist (wiki and other systems). We have identified a need for an interactive and collaborative protocol platform to exchange methods and data on skill based practices.

Diybio experiences  a pull and desire from the design and art scene to get hands on the biological engineering toolbox.  During Re-New 2013 we will be conducting action based research, in the form of a series of workshops and talks, that will test, prototype and iterate a new form, layout and design of diybio- and professional scientific protocols. In this process a novel approach to merging the distinct aesthetics and ethics of the scientific, artistic and DIY community need to be acknowledged and defined.

Our final design proposal and our findings will be documented for a continuous collaborative development, and compared to the current laboratory practices published in scientific journals.

The aim is to have experts and enthusiasts share and crowd curate their current best practices.

Martin Malthe Borch        Biologigaragen / Labitat              @mmborch
Pieter Van Boheemen     Open wetlab – Waag Society      @pietervboheemen

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