Regular Thursday meetings & kimchi kick-off

Regular Thursday Meetings
We are meeting every Thursday to play with biohacking. Every second week (Even weeks) we will also have a small informal meetup. We are curently planning workshops, lectures and talks, so hang on…

Last night we prepared samples for our “Taste the World” event next weekend. but with a scientific twist.  We are testing different innoculum.

  • 2 blank samples, thus normal wild fermentation
  • Liquid from commercial kimshi as innoculum in sample 1 and 2.
  • 2 samples with innoculum from previous home made sour kraut.

Next Week we have already planned and prepared much more fun.

  • Newly bought vacuum machine for:
  • Sous vide water bath building
  • vinegar fermentations: we got a mother from Meyers vinegar brewery. This is now included in our open strain collection and we are looking forward to play with it.

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