CLICK festival


Click festival is approaching and as usual, Biologigaragen is present! This year we have a variety of workshops and installations, all of them designed to capture diverse aspects of biohacking. Stop by our stands and learn together with us! For a full experience of Biologigaragen (who we are and how we do things), we encourage you to join us as a volunteer (to do so, please fill in this form). More on FacebookCLICK or bellow.

This is what we did:

Wear Your DNA

 is the source code for all living organisms and it is our unique biological fingerprint. In the wear your DNA workshop, we will help you extract your own DNA and learn about biology in the process.

Now that you have your DNA, you can show it to the world by making a beautiful necklace with your DNA stored inside it.

See the DNA jewelry protocol

 Micro Plants

Plants need sun, water and soil to grow, right??? Well not always!! In the micro- plant workshop, you will learn a completely new way to grow plants in really small sizes. We use plant tissue culture in the lab to study plants rapidly and in controlled way. We help you learn how to make growing gels and also how to sterilize the plants so that there is no fungus to spoil it.

Microfluidic Art

Has a doctor ever taken a drop of your blood to test for illness? Were you curious about how he can test it from just one drop? Microfluidics makes it possible and it is used in many of the modern medical devices. In the microfluidic art workshop, you will learn the about this technology and how it works. You will also get to use the devices we have made for an artistic purpose!

Green Gold

Do you want to get a taste from the innovative kitchen? We use here a special ingredient, that is claimed to be the food of the future. Have you already heard about it, or even already taken it in forms of pills, capsules, powder… and wish to get some experience, where we use this Superfood in a more tasty and appealing way? Then you should definitely visit our stand! You will get the chance to have a look at this little creature under a microscope and even have some opportunity to let your creativity fly.

At the workshop we were having some really good talks with the curious attendees. Some of these people were not just interested in the big “Why”, like why we are doing these workshops/ projects or what Biologigaragen is, but were also very fresh to make their hands dirty. So they were preparing with us all the tasty-healthy spirulina containing food by following the recipes, and of course following that we tasted all these. Moreover, there has also been a creative corner, were we used spirulina as a dye