Some Biologigaragen projects from throughout the years

Algae Bar

The mobile Algae bar reaches a new festival: Transart Fest, 6-8 November 2015. Bringing in a unique mix of cyanobacteria, algae and beer, the Algae Bar is the product of a trans-collaboration between two, once considered different, species: the artists and the scientists. The algae […]


Open source tools & assays for citizen science We are Doing-It-Together! Citizens, makers, open source communities, academics and industrial R&Ds. Remixing technologies and skills to investigate and design solutions from individual to industrial and environmental scale. You are invited to join our bi-weekly Thursday meet-ups […]


Kulturkollektionen – open access microbes check out our current collection here. Bringing applied microbiology back to the home culture. Improving the diversity, quality and sustainability of our everyday. We do this by: Maintaining an open source strain collection Developing collaborative protocols and recipes Education and […]

Group Experiment Nights

Group Experiment Nights (GENs) are collaborative workshop evenings where we get together in the lab and explore various DIY science subjects with a hands-on approach. Under each theme we investigate the subject from different angles. We typically invite a guest with a scientific approach and one with […]

CLICK Festival 2016

  Click festival is approaching and as usual, Biologigaragen is present! This year we have a variety of workshops and installations, all of them designed to capture diverse aspects of biohacking. Stop by our stands and learn together with us! For a full experience of […]

Copenhagen Makers 2016

At Copenhagen makers we did: Ultra-personalized Jewellery (DNA extraction and necklace preparation) Plant Gel Garden (Plant tissue culture and sterilization) Green Gold (Spirulina health food, cooking and tasting) Microbial family photo (Culturing microbes from your body and a snapshot of your microbiome) Last November, Biologigaragen […]

Vaghurt – Vagina Yoghurt

If the news did not already hit your ears, I am delighted to announce VAGHURT, a 3-day workshop on DIY vagina yoghurt. The event is organized by FUGT, the fresh bio-network covering Denmark, in collaboration with Biologigaragen and PlanteLaboratoriet. WHAT?          Alice and Tereza, […]

Kopenlab – a Citizen Science Festival

In June, Biologigaragen was part in setting up the Kopenlab Citizen Science Festival, during ESOF (Euro Science Open Forum) in Copenhagen.  Kopenlab brought together citizens, scientists, diybio groups, contemporary art and maker culture for workshops, discussions and an art exhibition. The aim  was to show how […]

Collaboration – On the edge of a new paradigm

Emil and Malthe from Biologigaragen have been interviewed for a new documentary on open science and collaboration. The movie is called “Collaboration – on the edge of a new paradigm” It was made by Alfred, a ph.d. in philosophy who has used the film project […]

Biohacking exhibition @ Medical Museion

In 2013 and 2014 Biologigaragen and Medical Museion collaborated on an exhibition about biohacking. You can see the documentation on the Medical Museion blog here You can also see photos from the exhibition Exhibition and opening Setting up the lab Gene Gun Photo […]

First day in Biologigaragen – first 3 experiments

Welcome to the world of DIY bio and biohacking. This is the first 3 experiments. This is all about getting your hands dirty, experiencing and sensing. At your first day in Biologigaragen, at another biolab or at home you can do these three experiments. You […]

Network of Nordic Biolabs

Biologigaragen have been part in founding a network of Nordic Biolabs. Many ot the labs are having an artistic starting point in their biological explorations and research. You can read more about the project on the “howto-things wiki” here: The communication is and coordination of […]

  • Bioreactor/ Photobioreactor
    Automated growth of microbes in DIY Reactors making use of electronics and software to assist biology
  • Biocompatible scaffolds/ Cell culture
    3D scaffolding using 3D printers and biocompatible polymers. Followed by cell culture on the scaffolds.
  • Myco Mushroom
    The Myco Mushroom team are developing  sustainable means to culture your favourite mushrooms
  • bioart group
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Fungal Food Fermentations