Monthly subscription membership

DKK175.00 / month

By supporting Biologigaragen you are helping to provide a first class service to the citizens and community that uses our knowledge hub.We run as a non profit organisation meaning that we strive to enable all to have access to our space regardless of their economical background or educational status.

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We are a place to be creative, to inspire and create change within the community and the world.

We focus strongly on adhering to our code of conduct and ensuring that all members are valued.

Your 200DKK a month gives you access between the hours of 8 am till 22 pm daily to use our facilities and machines. This is perfect for students wanting to learn more, designers working with biology and those merely curious about science and the world around them. As well as biotech startups and hobbyists.

All memberships go into paying our rent and consumables within the lab.

Your membership fee includes:

*Access to the lab via the key box code,
*Access to a wealth of knowledge via the DIYBIO hub,
*Access to 2 in-house “green coloured” workshops provided by Littlepinkmaker.These workshops are open to the public as well as private members of Biologigaragen,
*Access to funding via our in-house grant scheme for projects,
*Part of an ever-changing and diverse community, the chance to attend events both nationally and internationally.

Our memberships are non-binding and can run from month to month for those who just need a quick access without fulltime commitment.