Vaghurt – Vagina Yoghurt

If the news did not already hit your ears, I am delighted to announce VAGHURT, a 3-day workshop on DIY vagina yoghurt. The event is organized by FUGT, the fresh bio-network covering Denmark, in collaboration with Biologigaragen and PlanteLaboratoriet.

WHAT?   terza and alice-2-red       Alice and Tereza, two amazing bioartists, are coming all the way from UK and Czech Republic to teach us how to make the Vaghurt. As you probably expect, the workshop provides exciting activities: learning microbiology techniques and microscopy, artistic talks, exhibition and social event. The workshop is structured over 3 evenings, during the first 2 evenings we make the vaghurt and the lasr evening we exhibit it in an open-doors vernisage. A detailed plan for each day is presented bellow.

WHEN?           The workshop will take place on 27, 28 and 29 June 2015.

  • Day 1, 27 June, Saturday
    • H. C. Ørsteds Vej 5
    • 18.30-21.30
  • Day 2, 28 June, Sunday
    • H. C. Ørsteds Vej 5
    • 18.30-21.30
  • Day 3, 29 June, Monday – OPEN-DOOR VERNISSAGE
    • COBIS, Ole Maaløes Vej 3
    • 18.30-22.30

HOW MUCH?          The hands-on workshop costs 250 kr for the full 3 days, including all needed equipment, biomaterials, dry and wet snacks.

For the ones that do not have the time  for the full 3 days, we offer the option to join only the last day and participate in the artistic presentation, vernissage and social event. The ticket for 29 June, Monday costs 100 kr and can be paid at the entrance on arrival. 

SIGN UP!         Please sign up for the 3 day workshop by filling in the form on this link. You do not need to sign up if you come only to the vernissage, but do not forgtet to bring the entry fee of 100 kr.

SCHEDULE.        During the workshop, we will produce yoghurt using vaginal fluid over 3 days, as follows:

  • Day 1 – Microbiology. The first day, we learn about the Lactobacillus class of bacteria, responsible for transforming milk into yoghurt. The same class of bacteria lives in vaginal fluid. We will make a liquid bacterial culture media and use it to preculture the lactic acid bacteria collect from the vaginal fluid. Then all together we will culture and grow the bacteria by incubating it overnight.
    • 18.30 Making the bacterial culture media
    • 20.30 Cultivating the bacteria
    • 21.00 Incubation
  • Day 2 – “Cooking”. The second day, we will get our hands dirty and make the vaghurt. First, we will study the grown bacteria under the microscope. After that, we will inoculate the milk with the bacteria and incubate the jars overnight. The day will end on a creative note: we will design the labels for the vaghurt jars :).
    • 18.30 Microscopy
    • 20.30 Inoculation – making the vaghurt
    • 21.00 Incubation
  • Day 3 – Vernissage. The third day is a celebration where everyone is invited to attend. We will start with opening the yoghurt, visually inspecting the product and deciding if the vaghurt qualifies for a smelling/tasting session. An artistic talk by Alice and Tereza will bring up the controversial nature of the project. The event will end with exhibiting the vaghurt jars and taking lots of photos. The last part of the last day 🙂 will be party-style, with social interaction and open-doors for any visitors.
    • 18.30 Visual inspection of youghurt and discussion on the biological process
    • 19.30 Artistic talk
    • 20.00 Inactivating the biomaterials
    • 20.30 Exhibition and socializing

If you need more info or you would like to get in touch with us, do not hesitate to write to info[at] Hope to see as many of you soon!