Phages 101

Phages 101 is an on-course where we learn how to work with bacteriophages. Check this page to see when the next meetings happen. If you want to participate, please register by sending an email at info[at]

Next meeting: this Saturday (31st Oct) we meet at 15:30 in the lab to learn about bacterio-phages and phage therapy. Duration: 2hrs.

General info on Phages 101

The seminar will have two parts: a thoretical part and a practical part. In the theoretical part, you will be given an introductory presentation to bacteriophages and current research in the area. In the practical part, we will start the process of isolating lactobacilus phages. On Sunday we will make the liquid media, then culture lactobacilus (yoghurt, vagina, etc) and start the incubation. On Saturday we will  filter the media to remove the lactobacilus and retrieve the phages. We will further use the phages to study them and learn more about them.

Literature that we study

Bacteriophages of lactic acid bacteria and their impact on milk fermentations (.pdf)

Structural Aspects of the Interaction of Dairy Phages with Their Host Bacteria (diary phages)