Novozymes Announces Open Source Collaboration


Participants at the meeting laying the foundation for the collaboration between Biologigaragen and Novozymes. From left to right: PhD Fellow in open innovation law Jakob Wested (UCPH), project coordinator at Center for Synbio (UCPH) and Biologigaragen board member Emil Polny, Senior Science Manager in Novozymes’ R&D department Gernot Abel, Head of Innovation Development at Novozymes Frank Hatzack, and ITU-researcher, biohacker and founder of Biologigaragen Martin Malthe Borch.

The innovation page on the world-leading biotech-company’s website features a description of the collaboration between Biologigaragen/Labitat and Novozymes.

“The motto of the day is do-it-yourself”, as Gernot Abel, Senior Science Manager from Novozymes explains: “We have moved from financial sponsoring [of Biologigaragen] to active engagement. These are new and exciting times for us where we explore open source collaboration(…) We hope to learn how we can accelerate R&D at Novozymes by employing smarter and lower cost approaches.”

Read the complete announcement here:

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