Join us at KopenLab, a Citizen Science Festival during ESOF2014.

Along with many key partners and volunteers, Biologigaragen is helping to organize a massive parallel festival for the Science in the City section of ESOF 2014 in Copenhagen and everyone is invited to participate! Jump to the official KopenLab website for more details or read on below.

What is ESOF?

ESOF is a biennial pan-European conference dedicated to showcasing the latest developments in scientific research and innovation. It takes an interdisciplinary approach and brings together scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators, policy makers and the general public.

We are going to be part of the separate and parallel Science in the City festival that happens in conjunction with ESOF.

What will Biologigaragen be doing at ESOF?
We’re taking the lead in organizing pop-up lab, workshop space, exhibition area and lounge/cafe where everyone is welcome to stop in and get down and dirty with science! By doing so, we hope to help spread knowledge about citizen science and promote a collaborative, interdisciplinary science/art/tech/innovation hacking culture both at the conference and to inspire participants to keep the hacker spirit alive and thriving long after ESOF wraps up (we are hoping to build momentum towards the formation of an Open Knowledge incubator in Copenhagen, see this page for more details on that). We want help you and other partners the chance to give visitors the chance to explore, experiment, tinker, dream, discover and to take an active role in crafting the world around us!
To do this, we have several things planned including (but not limited to):
• Demonstrations of what we’ve been working on in Biologigaragen
• A series of interactive, non-traditional lectures on various themes relating to open knowledge
• Workshops that are initiated by ideas from passersby that gain momentum over the days we’re at the conference (and perhaps beyond!)
• Guided tours of the lab and the ideas behind it
• Exhibitions of hacked scientific devices and art (is there really so much of a difference after all?)
• Storytelling events that showcase narratives from the hacker science movements
• [Your Idea Here]– we welcome inspired input so if you have a good idea, float it by us and we’ll see if we can fit it in!
Topics that we will be presented include:
• Citizen science in society/ Crowd sourcing
• Hacker-world/makers/Fablabs
• Water cleansing
• Hacking in schools
• Synthetic biology– Energy from algae/ Foods/ Energy from algae
• Developing country’s technology problems
• Robots/Gen-guns/Drones/3D printer

….And many more!

How can YOU get involved with KopenLab?
Anyone is of course welcome to just stop down when the festival is going on and see what we’re up to. That said, this is a huge undertaking for us and we’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers and engaged, collaborative partners who want to help us realize our vision!
You can help in many ways and, in the hacker spirit, you are encouraged to come up with your own ideas about how you can use your skills and talents (don’t be shy, everyone has some!) to contribute. That said, here are a few concrete things we’re going to need people to help with:

• Dreaming up and executing specifications for lectures, workshops, stands etc.
• Contributing scientific/artistic/general knowhow and artifacts
• Volunteering as guides at the mobile lab
• Sourcing materials for and building the mobile lab
• Communication and outreach
• Planning and coordination
• Fundraising*
• Lots of other stuff—again, any and all input and help is most welcome!

*Why is there an asterisk by the Fundraising category?
Because this is the hardest part, sadly! We’re still living in a world that turns on money and we’re gonna need to raise a lot to get this thing off the ground. If you have any ideas about how to secure funding, please let us know! If your idea is to simply throw a few kroner our way, we would deeply appreciate that!
We’re looking forward to seeing you soon! As you probably already know, we have open lab nights every Thursday and GENs every month or so but you can also stop by whenever. If you don’t feel like stopping down in person but want to help with ESOF and/or the future Citizen Science Center, you can find our contact info here.

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