3 month grassroots membership

3 month grassroots membership

1,250.00 1,500.00

This is a standalone 3 month plan for access to Biologigaragen.

This plan gives you the following included in your membership - This membership is non rolling and if you wish to maintain it you will have to repurchase upon the finishing period.

This is a grassroots membership for those looking to prototype ideas, network and have access to a safe space to work within science. This membership is great for just founding startups.

  • Access to all of the community groups , G-E-N and Friday bar events.

  • One key fob and code - These items are personal and non transferable.They give you access to symbion’s building.

  • Personal allocated car parking space in the car park if needed.

  • Use of materials and machines within the lab space.

  • co-working space with fast wifi - unlimited coffee.

  • 24/7 access to Biologigaragen , now homed at Symbion.

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