“Hack your own yoghurt”

Martin Malthe Borch from BiologiGaragen have been invited to do a talk about DIY-BIO and hacking / “Reclaiming your own yoghurt”  The talk will take place the 29th of Marts at Brønshøj bibliotek. it will be in Danish.  Address: Frederikssundsvej 175, 2700 Brønshøj.

The event is hosted by Demoteket.dk.

Read more and join the event here:  http://v.gd/zH99y2

Spread the rumour..

The theme is Open Source Food. Borch will talk short about do-it-yourself biology (DIY-BIO) and the perspectives in reclaiming your yoghurt, microbiology and demonstrate how to make yoghurt, and “rugbrøg”, dark danish ryebread. There will also be a talk about collecting your own herbs and plants.


Incubator with yoghurt
Yoghurt Incubation, the last testing and preparations before the 29th of marts


ryebread / Rugbrød
baking "rugbrød" - testing and enjoying microbiology

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