Group Experiment Night next Thursday!!!

It is about time we kicked off the Group Experiment Nights (GEN) this year.
During GEN events we do a collaborative experiment (i.e., we all get our hands dirty) in a cosy relaxed setup (coffee, snacks and joyful mood) followed by a discussion and if possible, some artistic interpretation of the project.

The first GEN in 2015 is happening next Thursday (26th March), 18:30, at Osramhuset, Valhalsgade 4, 2200 København N. The amazing guys from PlanteLaboratoriet are hosting us and we will get the chance to take a look at their aquaponic installation and the other cool projects they are running.

If you have ever been in contact with the geek world before, you for sure noticed the affinity for LEDs. We will go geeky next Thursday, but in the bio version :). So, we will observe, extract and grow some of the bacteria we find on the skin and in the organs of marine animals. The specialty of these bacteria: they glow in the dark. Yes, we go bio-LEDs next Thursday :).

If you are interested, please sign up for the event by filling in this form. And bring 50 kr (25 kr for members). We will have coffee, snacks, cake, beer (2 cans included in the participation price). Each participant will take home a plate of bacteria that can be used for further projects. Fx, I will attempt to make a self-glowing lamp (i.e., embed the bacteria into a bulb covered in a layer of bacterium-food).

The geeky ones can find a lot of extra reading literature on our wiki. The rest of us, we just come with our bare hands and lots of imagination. What about making a glowing ring? Or a drawing (with pigment of different color in the agar substrate)? Hmm …

Almost glowing of excitement to see you all there,