Group Experiment Night #1 Fun with Filamentous Fungi October 3rd

Join Us Thursday, October 3rd at 18:00 for the first of our Group Experiment Nights (GENs).  We will be teaching people how to make their own tempeh, and discussing different ways we can use filamentous fungi for food, art, and structures.

Please RSVP to noah/at/biologigaragen/dot/org if you would like to participate.  See the short description below.

Filamentous fungi can change our food, be our food, or mix food and art.  They have the ability to create form and take over their surroundings, changing them in interesting and tasty ways.  We will experiment with producing Tempeh from soybeans, a tasty fungal fermentation from Indosesia.  We have also invited an artist who has worked with filamentous fungi, and who will talk about his experiences using these living mediums.  space is limited, and the ‘price’ of admission is to bring 300-400 grams of soaked soybeans, so you can make your own Tempeh.  However, if you don’t have time to soak your own soy beans, we will have some on site you can use.  The fermentation takes around 24 hours, so the Tempeh workshop may involve coming back to the lab on the next day.

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