Ginomics- Hack your GIN!

The workshop was based around learning about the senses, learning the fermentation of a simple clear 30+% spirit base and then selecting your botanicals to take home a bottle of GIN that you made!

Hack your gin!

At the GINOMICS workshop .Host and gin hacker/enthusiast Littlepinkmaker Chan’nel Thomas will teach and coach you about making your own GIN!

And you will go home with a Labeled bottle of distilled GIN you created! While we have many botanicals to choose from, feel free to bring your own to experiment and get crafty with.

Learn about GIN, what makes Gin, the molecular science behind the perfect G&T, why some GIN’S have various colours and tastes? What goes into Gin? Then select your own customized botanicals freshly picked from around Copenhagen including juniper berries,bay leaf and organically grew fruits, to BUILD your own GIN!

The botanicals will go through the process of fermenting creating your own infused botanically crafted one of a kind gin, Legally!

Whilst crafting your own blend, you will also enjoy a refreshing ice cold G&T of course garnished to perfection.


We had a varied group of gin lover and first ginn’er’s learning the how the process from fermentation to bottling with botanicals happens.And also why everyone has a different taste palate.

A full write up of the spirit base will be online once the fermentation and clearing process has been documented but right now heres some images from the evening.