GEN 3: “Jule” Fermentation. Thursday December 12th, 18:00

For our third in our Group Experiment Night Series, we approach a simple ferment suitable for sharing during your winter holiday traditions.   Fermentation has traditionally been used as a storage method for preserving food into the winter time, when fresh food might not be available.  While there are many fermented products already on the holiday table, it never hurts to add one more to the mix.  This untested (by our lab) wild ferment should either impress or gross out your in-laws (for better or worse in either direction eh?) and will hopefully make fermentation a dinner table conversation.

We will bring whats necessary to make a fermented red cabbage dish, which should at least be able to replace some of the more common red cabbage on your plate with something which in this researchers opinions is a bit more interesting, and will help you digest the heavy holiday meals a bit better.    If anyone is up for a bonus challenge, we also considered the idea of a fermented risengrød.  We can provide organisms, but please bring ingredients yourself if you so dare (note it on the pirate pad if you will, so we can prepare).   Hopefully everyone can make some fermented cabbage to take home with them to share.

As usual, sign up via our pirate pad signup sheet

The event will take place the 12th of december from 18:00 at labitat

See you there!

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