Earth worm farms and neuro potentials, plus aspergillus oryzae fermentations

A fantastic experimental evening in the lab.

We finished the spiker-box, and measured neuro-potentials in earth worms (after anesthetizing them in alcohol first of course).  We built the earth worms a nice little home from an old aquarium. If anybody have cockroaches at hand we would love to receive a few to live in our new ecosystem.

2013-11-07 18.34.592013-11-07 19.03.55

We also started our own production of Koji, a solid state culture of aspergillus oryzae  from both rice and barley, from which we will try to make miso and possibly soy sauce in the coming weeks.  This involved soaking and then steaming rice and barley (separately) in the pressure cooker (saved hours of time this way), and then inoculating once cooled to 33C with a dry koji generously shared with us by folks at the Nordic Food Lab.  we then incubated wrapped in a towel and then put in a tray at 30C, and will watch over the coming days as it hopefully takes to our barley and rice.

2013-11-07 18.49.212013-11-07 18.49.48

We also prepared some samples for our GEN2 next week, yeast for home-brewers.  come by next week to see what we cooked up!

Thank you everybody that showed up it was fun!


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