DIY-Bio at the iGEM conference.

Interesting DIY-bio approaches to synthetic biology presented at this years iGEM conference. (International Genetically Engineered Machine competition 2010 ).

Simple DIY lab equipment was presented by ArtScienceBangalore an Indian art school presented how to construct a simple fume hood and incubator.
A simple measurement technique where the Petri dish is incubated on an automated scanner, made by Duke University won the best experimental measurement price.

Baltimore suggested transforming e-coli with the taq-polymerase genes, and use the lysate for PCR reactions, a brilliant idea for cheap PCR.
Slovenia won the grand price by construction of a DNA assembly line by creating an assembly line with catalytic enzymes linked to the DNA.

Denmark was represented by two teams both winning a gold medal, the DTU and SDU team. SDU further shared the special price for Safety Commendation with VT-ENSIMAG Biosecurity.
The conference took place 6-8th Nov. at MIT Cambridge, Mass, USA.

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