Colony count App

ColonyCount beta build 1 has now been released.
You can try it out by download it from your Android phone (requires Android 2.1 – update 1 or later) here

There are still known bugs and it has only been tested on a HTC legend – so expect a few hiccups.

Any feedback is appreciated on – but as my time is limited you should not expect any reply.

A little information about the project:

ColonyCount is a small phone app that can assist when counting colonies on agar plates. Counting is done by taking a picture, tapping screen to place tags on colonies (cfu) and finally type in input properties needed to perform various calculations on the data. Current version supports calculation of sample concentration and ration of different colony types. Images can be saved in a project structure that enables calculations across multiple plates and sharing of project data and results by mail.

The app will be released on Android Market in a version that is free, full-featured and ad-free – but users will have the option to purchase a version to support further development.

Feel free to forward this mail to anyone that might find this interesting ..

Mogens Hvidtfeldt,

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