Biology and Beers, on Thursday, February 18th, 8 pm

Biology and Beers, Thursday, February 18th from 8 pm @Labitat, H.C. Ørstedsvej 5, Frederiksberg

Biology & Beers is a monthly meetup where hang out and talk about diybio, bioart, biohacking, and share our cool ideas and funny projects.

Topic this time: “MicroPlants! Tissue culture for artistic display”
Growing bacteria or fungus on agar-plates is a common practice at Biologigaragen. This week we discuss this same practice except focused on ‘plants’. We will talk about how we can grow Microplants in small tubes or plates using tissue culture techniques. We would love some community ideas on a micro plant display as an art exhibit.

Keenan will lead the talk and discussion on plant tissue culture. Approaching the topic from a more visual aspect and how it can be used for a small installation.

Also, Timi and Bue will give us a status update on the spirullina project that is currently underway in the Labitat Bio lab.

We also have another planned project on a “Photobioreactor” for the non-edible algae and would love some new participants to get involved.

As always, we guarantee interesting conversations on biology, new insights into biohacking and yes, Beers!

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