Biohacking workshop 25-26th Aug @ Labitat – UPDATE, PROGRAM AND INFO.

This weekend we are hosting a biohaker workshop.

There is still a bit of room for more participants, and you are welcome to spontaneously drop-by and also bring a friend. People signed up in advance will have priority to space and equipment. Price 150 kr.

We are looking forward to fruitful discussions, to tinker with technology,  -biology, play and do a lot of biohacking. There are a few introducing talks, but this is a hacking session, and the workshop is mostly open and we are very flexible with our program outline.  You will have an opportunity to work yourself and get hands-on with biohacking. We are providing several experiments and topics and then you can decide where to specialize.

If you have worked on any biology or related electronics projects that could be fun to share and show, please do bring them. As well if you have any projects or ideas you’d like to start working on and get some input to, bring them as well.

Saturday, start 1pm:  Citizen science biology and biohacking.

  • Welcome introduction
  • Talk – History of biohacking in Danish erspective, citizen science, open science ( Martin Malthe Borch) 1h.
  • The elementary biohacking lab equipment and experiments, purify-DNA, run a gel, ect.   1h.
  • For those interested, preparing yoghurt and sourdough ryebread for the Sunday brunch – get our “reclaim your yoghurt” folder and bring the culture with you home.
  • Hands-on biohacking of prepared and spontanous projects –open end.
    Possible projects: Purify DNA – Visualize DNA on an Agar-Gel made from kitchen ingredients – Build a readout system to catch fluorescence effects of a DNA stain from a webcam – Hacking a webcam and looking at microorganisms. – Building your own DIYstirring plate – Build/Hack your own water bath or “sous vide” cooker – Moss tagging

Sunday, start 11am:  Synthetic biology, ethics and art. Brunch, talks and discussions

  • Talk – Synthetic biology, hacking perspectives and Ethics. ( Rüdiger Trojok )
  • Talk – Biology from an art and personal-health-design perspective ( Sara Fournier Krugman )
  • Free discussions and more biohacking – open end

Other themes and discussions we might talk about:

  • FBI DIYBIO outreach conference, and now CIA !
  • Open hardware collaboration methods and organization
  • Innovation the classic way vs innovation in hackerspaces
  • open source drug discovery – a future models for R&D and worldwide healthcare?

We are looking forward to see you all.

BiologiGaragen & Labitat

– Martin Malthe Borch
– Rüdiger Trojok –
 – Sara Fournier Krugman –

Download the flyer as PDF:   Labitat-Museion-Flyer-Black-Web2

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