The history and greatest projects from Biologigaragen members. Stories about FBI, Vagina yoghurt, Kopenlab, Biostrike and much much more… By Martin Malthe Borch, biotech engineer, interactiondesigner, “artist” and Co-Founder of Biologigaragen

The yearly General Assembly is where we make a small status of the last year, and elect a new board for the coming year. This year Only members can vote and be elected into the board. It will be possible to sign up as a member at the meeting. The Location will be announced on the facebook event, as soon as possible. There will be a few snacks but remember to eat before.

Find the General Assembly Agenda, the bylaws and other information here:

18:00 Bio&Beers Special – The history of Biologigaragen.
18:25 Break & members sign up.
18:35 General Assembly.
19:30 Collecting vision and ideas for future projects.
20:30 Beers and hanging out.
21:00 End of the evening, and going out for a drink.


Bioteket, Valhalsgade 4, Vinterhaven, 2100 København

Facebook event: