Bio&Beers Special and General Assembly 2016



The history and greatest projects from Biologigaragen members. Stories about FBI, Vagina yoghurt, Kopenlab, Biostrike and much much more… By Martin Malthe Borch, biotech engineer, interactiondesigner, “artist” and Co-Founder of Biologigaragen

The yearly General Assembly is where we make a small status of the last year, and elect a new board for the coming year. This year Only members can vote and be elected into the board. It will be possible to sign up as a member at the meeting. The Location will be announced on the facebook event, as soon as possible. There will be a few snacks but remember to eat before.

Find the General Assembly Agenda, the bylaws and other information here:

18:00 Bio&Beers Special – The history of Biologigaragen.
18:25 Break & members sign up.
18:35 General Assembly.
19:30 Collecting vision and ideas for future projects.
20:30 Beers and hanging out.
21:00 End of the evening, and going out for a drink.


Bioteket, Valhalsgade 4, Vinterhaven, 2100 København

Facebook event: