Bio & Beers 17th March 19.30 – 22.30 @ Labitat: The future of sustainable biotechnology

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What is Bio & Beers: We meet up and talk about DIYbio, bioart, biohacking and synthetic biology as well as share our cool ideas and funny projects.

In Labitat, H.C. Ørstedsvej 5, 1879 Frederiksberg C.

Topic for the 17th: The future of sustainable biotechnology

Light-driven biosynthesis of high value compounds using photosynthetic organisms

By Thiyagarajan Gnanasekaran

Micro-algae have been the inspiration for many experiments at Biologigaragen. From Science to Technology to Art, these microbes have gained a lot of interest from the community. This month, our guest-speaker will tell us about the impact of algae on the biotech industry. Algae provide a more sustainable alternative to other organisms and are being used to generate high-value biochemicals. If you have an interest in Algae, biotech or synthetic biology, you should definitely attend.

About the speaker:

Thiyagarajan is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Copenhagen. He has seven years of research experience in engineering metabolic pathways in E.coli, cyanobacteria and higher plant chloroplasts. His areas-of-interest includes synthetic biology, photosynthesis, plant chloroplasts and cyanobacteria.

Other news:

We have some exciting announcements at this event, and a lot of new things to get involved in.

As always, we guarantee interesting conversations on biology, new insights into biohacking and yes, Beers!

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