Baessy: “Hello world”

We are now officially launching “Baessy” [Bessie]. She’s our community project for development of open source tools & assays for citizen science.  We hope that we in time can bring designers, scientist and artist together to develop simple and robust tools for citizen biology. One of the first Baessy projects, is the ethanol sensing project, a collaboration between Biologigaragen & Novozymes. We are currently testing various gassensors and prototype designs. The first proof of concept challenge is to on-line monitor vinegar and Kombucha fermentations, that we anyway have running in our open culture collection “kulturkollektionen“. If you have any successful experience with this, please share and let us know. You are also welcome to join us in the lab on thursdays. We are looking forward to many fun days and evenings in the lab.

The current team
First simple test setup with a 24 well plate
Tracking various concentrations of wine and schnapps

The current goal is to create a setup that can handle 24 wells plates, and allow for a fast and robust diybio screening.

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