Some Biologigaragen projects from throughout the years

Algae Bar

The mobile Algae bar reaches a new festival: Transart Fest, 6-8 November 2015. Bringing in […]


Open source tools & assays for citizen science We are Doing-It-Together! Citizens, makers, open source […]


Kulturkollektionen – open access microbes check out our current collection here. Bringing applied microbiology back […]

Group Experiment Nights

Group Experiment Nights (GENs) are collaborative workshop evenings where we get together in the lab […]

CLICK Festival 2016

  Click festival is approaching and as usual, Biologigaragen is present! This year we have […]

Copenhagen Makers 2016

At Copenhagen makers we did: Ultra-personalized Jewellery (DNA extraction and necklace preparation) Plant Gel Garden […]

Vaghurt – Vagina Yoghurt

If the news did not already hit your ears, I am delighted to announce VAGHURT, […]

Kopenlab – a Citizen Science Festival

In June, Biologigaragen was part in setting up the Kopenlab Citizen Science Festival, during ESOF […]

Collaboration – On the edge of a new paradigm

Emil and Malthe from Biologigaragen have been interviewed for a new documentary on open science […]

Biohacking exhibition @ Medical Museion

In 2013 and 2014 Biologigaragen and Medical Museion collaborated on an exhibition about biohacking. You […]

First day in Biologigaragen – first 3 experiments

Welcome to the world of DIY bio and biohacking. This is the first 3 experiments. […]

Network of Nordic Biolabs

Biologigaragen have been part in founding a network of Nordic Biolabs. Many ot the labs […]

  • Bioreactor/ Photobioreactor
    Automated growth of microbes in DIY Reactors making use of electronics and software to assist biology
  • Biocompatible scaffolds/ Cell culture
    3D scaffolding using 3D printers and biocompatible polymers. Followed by cell culture on the scaffolds.
  • Myco Mushroom
    The Myco Mushroom team are developing  sustainable means to culture your favourite mushrooms
  • bioart group
  • Gas Chromatography
  • Fungal Food Fermentations