Participate in the conversation

The best way to participate is to join one of our upcoming open events.

If there are no events coming up then join our on-line conversation. Ask your questions or share your ideas on:

Become a member

First come to Bio&Beers or another meet-up or event and talk to the members. If you can’t show up in person, send an email to the board. (info @

Pay your yearly membership of 150 Dkk  to our account (Arbejdernes Landsbank. reg#: 5321 account#: 0248525) or by handing cash to a board member. We are currently working on am automated membership payment system.

As a member you have access to the internal members mail-list, and have voting rights at the yearly general assembly and possibility of participating in international diybio & biohacker events.

The international community

To learn more about what goes on internationaly you can also join the

You can also search these groups for previous questions and answers

Get 24/7 access to our lab

If you want access to our lab 24-7 you need to register as member of Labitat, and donate the minimum of 150 dkk/month to Labitat. We highly suggest that you become a member of Labitat if you are a member of Biologigaragen.