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BiologiGaragen featuring in “LifeScience insight” magazine

An article about BiologiGaragen.org and DIY-biology in LifeScience insight magazine: p42. http://www.e-pages.dk/raskmagasinet/66/altpdf/raskmagasinet_66.pdf

Getting the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

Just wanted to share this video showing how a Thursday night @ BiologiGaragen can be. […]

BiologiGaragen Lab1.0

We got ourself some space! If you are interest in seeing where we have our […]

Learn the Syntax of Life! 2nd lecture

BiologiGaragen has just begun a new course that is FREE to attend. And we will continue […]

Learn the Syntax of Life!

This is perhaps a bite late to post this, but there have been a lot […]

Bio:Fiction – festival

Synthetic Biology, Bio-art and biological science festival in Vienna. Taking place the 13-14th of may […]

DIY-Bio at the iGEM conference.

Interesting DIY-bio approaches to synthetic biology presented at this years iGEM conference. (International Genetically Engineered […]

Garage Biotech in Nature-news

An Introduction article on “Life-Hackers” in Nature http://www.nature.com/news/2010/101006/full/467650a.html

Sunday: In-silico synthetic biology

Come join us for our regular Sunday meeting this Sunday the 5th of September at […]

Hello world!

Hello World from BiologiGaragen! BiologiGaragen is a laboratory and open creative space where anybody with […]

DIY-BIO in the Danish Press (Ingeniøren)

A short description of the Do-It-Yourself-Biology community was recently published in the danish newspaper “Ingeniøren”. […]